Due to the precautions taken by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the Higher Education Council to minimize the impacts of the Corona virus, we have postponed our Festival.

We will share updates with you as soon as possible.

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Children's Books Festival

Festival theme: Children's right to access books
April 2020

Our festival aims to contribute to the improvement of children's right to access to books. The festival takes place in Cappadocia, one of the most important natural, cultural, and historical hotspots of Anatolia. The message of the festival is simple: Every child should have equal rights to access good and qualified books. Our festival introduces the children and their families with the publishers and the authors of children's books.


We have surprises for the children of Cappadocia. With the workshops we organize during the festival, the children will see how the heroes in the children's books come to life through the world-famous clay of Avanos, and in the dramas and games. The children even get to know the creators of some of these heroes and chat with them. 


We have invited well-known children's books authors, experts, and publishers from Turkey and Europe to Cappadocia. We will discuss all aspects of the children's books and suggest improvements. We investigate closely what our children read in the books and what they encounter to while reading. We endeavor to facilitate the application of world standards to the children's books written and published in Turkey. 



Children's books play a great role in putting into practice the basic rights of the children. Children's books are indispensable to the improvement of the skills of the child, to the protection of its identity, to the realization of the right of expression and freedom of thought.


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